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Patrick Swayze-Cancer

January 30, 2009

I guess I am one of the last to know that Patrick Swayze has cancer.

I really do not follow movies stars lives.  When I mentioned to my wife that he is in a new awesome show called The Beast she informed me that he would not be on it to much longer, as he has pancreatic cancer.


Could it be true?  Wait, not him.  He is to young.  I immediately thought of his role in the Outsiders where he played Daryl.  Then various roles of his movies flash through my mind.

I am sadden to hear that he has this, as it is a rapid disease that does not give much time to the victim.

Perhaps his best role was Point Break.  It was that type of movie where he played such a good role that you did not remember that it was Patrick Swayze.  Rare for a star to pull that off.  I can only remember one other person that did that and that was  Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction.

Patrick will live on in movies for maybe a generation or so, but eventually he will be forgotten.

Now the question is will he live eternally with God or without.

Either Patrick has or will accept Jesus as his savior and be eternally with God, or he will separated from God in a place called hell.
If Patrick has not made a decision for Jesus, there is no time to debate the issue. His life is fading fast on this planet, and must make that decision for Christ now.

If Patrick has already made that decision, then he is going home to be with God.

“Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” Luke 23:43

Where are you going to live eternally?