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Be a Rebel

February 11, 2009

There is a burden placed on humans from God that is heavy.
God asks us to live against our nature.

God says:

To put others before us.

Love not hate.

Consider others more important than ourselves.

Have self-control not self-indulge.

If your slapped on the cheek offer the other one as well.

Forgive each other rather than hold a grudge.

All this is  much to bear.  Live against our own nature.

How can God ask this of us?

Well he does.

He is asking us to live by his spirit, by his nature.  He even sent us an example of that, and sacrificed Him for us.

It is a lot to bear viewed from our own perspective.

But viewed from above it is the only way.

Be a rebel!  Live against your nature.

Live by the nature of the holy spirit.